"Damn you, girl!"

If you're gonna get nasty, I'm gonna leave

Julie Danney "sоviэт кiттел"
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"I am one of the noticeable ones, notice me."



Name: Julie, Jules, JJ, Minnie
Hometown: Vienna, Austria
Age: I feel like >20
Hair: fake-blonde
Eyes: crystal blue with a bit of lost gray
Occupation: fangirl *SQUEEEE*
Current fandoms: Chekov/Sulu, Kirk/McCoy, McCoy/Chekov, Kirk/McCoy/Chekov (HELL YEZ!)
...colors: blue, coral red, black
...drinks: coffee, earl grey tea
...foods: fruits, vegetables, sushi
...movies: Flight of the Phoenix, TDK, Doom, Star Trek (all of them ^^)
...TV shows: House MD, My Name is Earl, Heroes, American Dad, Wildboyz, Xena(because of Caesar)
...games: Fallout 3, Oblivion, The Sims 2 (cause Sims 3 sucks ass -.-)
...music/bands/artists: Kings of Leon, Muse, Seether, The Hammerheads, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Hard-Fi, Three Days Grace, Devo, A Perfect Circle, 30seconds to Mars, Evanescene, Yann Tiersen, mOnscheiner, t.A.T.u., David Bowie, various OST's
...heroes: ANTON YELCHIN, KARL URBAN <3, Simon Pegg, Zachary Quinto, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart (Harvey Dent), Maggie+Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Hanks, Hugh Laurie, Liam Neeson, Giovanni Ribisi, David Bowie, Manuel Rubey

Some facts about me: I'm a geek/nerd, choose which suits you better. I love my fandoms (currently Star Trek)
I'm a tiny little thing, who likes fun, coffee, jokes, humor, smiles, cookies, godlike boys, slash, music and much much more.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE to write stories but I think I'll never post them anywhere, I'm to shy.
Did I already said that I ♥ slash?
Don't hestitate and add me as a friend if you want, I always love to talk with some other fangirlies <3
I'm a european cupcake so that's why my sweet english sucks =P
oh thank you so wery wery much <3
btw: I ♥ slash!
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LMcCoy is love
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Star Trek crew
like so my new fandom <3
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Ensign Pavel Chekov

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